4-FA, 4-Fluoroamphetamine, 4FMP, Flux, 'XTC-light'



Mild amphetamine like effects, physical stimulant, empathogen/entactogen, euphoria, changes in visual acuity, disinhibition.


Side effects:

Increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, raised heart rate, pupil dilation, increased perspiration, muscle contractions, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction, nystagmus.

Teeth grinding. Delirium and confusion. Increased wakefulness. Headaches. Stimulant psychosis. 


Incidents of stroke after increased use have been reported as well as serious cardio- and cerebrovascular complications including sinus arrhythmia, ventricular extra systoles (bigeminy), conduction disturbances and acute cardiac failure. 


Mechanism of action: 

Releaser and re-uptake inhibitor of serotonine, dopamine and norepinephrine. 


Average onset of effects 1 hour after taken orally. Effects last for 6-8 hours. After effects due to serotonine depletion up to a few days. 


Substance and dosage:

Pills, powder, and capsules. Usually taken orally. Can cause chemical burns when insufflated. Average user dosage 50-200mg, the effects of similar doses may vary between individuals.  Threshold dose 20mg. 



LD50 lethal dose in mice 46/mg. Serious adverse events and death have been described in recreational doses, usually starting with mild symptoms and headache. No antidote is available, treatment consists of supportive care. Seizures may be treated with benzodiazepines. Adsorption inhibition with activated carbon is of limited value unless taken within 1 hour of ingestion. 


Dangerous interactions:

- other amphetamine (like) substances (increased cardiovascular risk)

- Tramadol (increased risk of seizures)

- Alcohol (depressant)

- MAO inhibitors/serotonin releasers (serotonin syndrome)


4 FA pills