LSD, acid, Lucy



Altered awareness and perception of time, hallucinations, pseudo-hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, changes in thought coherence. 


Side effects:

Mental: heavy panic attacks, fear, psychosis, loss of control of emotions, suicidal ideation. 

Physical: increased perspiration, nausea, increased heart rate, tremors, vertigo, hypersalivation, high blood pressure, pupil dilation, increased wakefulness, hyperreflexia, hyperthermia OR hypothermia.


Long term effect: hallucinogen persisting perception disorder


Mechanism of action: 

Atypical serotonergic psychedelic with dopamine agonist properties, derivative of ergoline. Binds to most serotonin receptor subtypes except 5-HT3 and 5-HT4. Psychedelic effects are attributed to cross-activation of 5-HT2a receptor heteromers. LSD is an agonist for D2 dopamine receptor, which may contribute to its psychoactive effects. 


LSD binds 5-HT2a and 5-HT2b receptors for a long time, responsible for its long duration of action despite a relatively short terminal half-life. 


Average effects after 30-90 minutes, effects typically last up to 6-12 hours with a wide, dose dependant variation. After effects may persist up to 72 hours. Doses up to 400-500 microgram intensify symptoms, higher doses only lengthen duration of the trip. 


chemical formula of LSD


Substance and dosage:

Paper blots, liquid, powder, tablets. 

Typically administered sublingually or ingested. Wide variation in user doses and effects. Threshold dose for start of effects is 10-50 microgram with high inter user variability. Starting dose 50-100mg, a dose of 250 microgram is considered a heavy dose. Doses in excess of 500 micrograms do not intensify symptoms but lengthen duration of the trip. 



Delay in onset of effects may cause overdose because of users taking extra doses to initiate trip. 


No confirmed lethal doses of LSD have been reported, though psychological/psychiatric effects of the drug may (and have been documented to) lead to death or serious injury.  


No physiological antidote is available.