Astrocytic tumours are primary central nervous system tumours that either arises from astrocytes or appear similar to astrocytes on histology having arisen from precursor cells. They are the most common tumours arising from glial cells.


Astrocytomas can be divided into those that are diffuse in growth (the vast majority, generally having higher grade and poorer prognosis) and those that are localised (tend to have a lower grade and better prognosis).  



- diffuse astrocytoma: WHO grade II (10-15% of astrocytomas)

- anaplastic astrocytoma: WHO grade III (25% of astrocytomas)

- glioblastoma: WHO grade IV (50-60% of astrocytomas)



- pilocytic astrocytoma: WHO grade I

- subependymal giant cell astrocytoma: WHO grade I

- pilomyxoid astrocytoma:  WHO grade II 

- pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma: WHO grade II